Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lap Lap

I love Vanuatu because the majority of Ni-Vans still live in the traditional way. This lady is making lap lap which is a basic island dish made from taro and wrapped in coconut leaves for cooking. Very nutritious I believe but quite bland. These pics were taken on Anetyium Island one of the southern islands in the group of 83.


  1. Boy! i'm getting homesick for Taveuni just from your pictures! The people and culture seem so similar -- simple and relaxed and so back to nature.

  2. Hi Rin,
    I spent a bit of time in Fiji a long time ago and they are a very similar people.
    Where are you living now?

  3. San Diego for now. i'm hoping to go back 2010, GOD willing. In

    the first 2 pictures are of Taveuni. The river is where we wash clothes, bathe, get our drinking water, and catch prawns. (My husband and i live and farm dalo and kava in the bush.)

    The next picture is my friend Tila, line-fishing without a pole...just literally fishing by line. The beaches and waters of Taveuni are gorgeous too like your Vanuatu.

    If you ever get to Taveuni, you'll be very welcome in Naselesele Village. From my SoPac travels, all the peoples in this area are friendly and so warm at heart.

  4. Hi Rin,
    Thanks for that wonderful pics. The village in Taveuni looks divine. Lucky you. I'd love to visit Naselesele village one day.