Saturday, October 17, 2009

World War II Museum

World War II Museum, North Efate, Vanuatu,World War II coke bottles@I love Vanuatu,
World War II Museum,North Efate,Vanuatu,World War II coke bottles@I love Vanuatu
World War II Museum,North Efate,Vanuatu,Catalina wreck@I love VanuatuI love the World War II museum in North Efate. During World War II the US were stationed in Efate and Espiritu Santo so there are a lot of World War II relics to be found here. When the war finished in 1945 the USA offered to leave all their vehicles and equipment in Vanuatu for a low price. Vanuatu or New Hebrides as it was called then was a British and French condominium government and they refused to pay for it figuring they would leave it all behind anyway. So the Americans just bulldozed the lot into the ocean mainly here in North Efate and also at Million Dollar Point in Santo. So there are an incredible amount of World War II relics to be found in Vanuatu including thousands of old US coke bottles.
The man who runs the place is a real character and gives you a very entertaining speech which he must given to thousands of other tourists.

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